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OEM Service

OEM Service

It is a production method mainly used in large companies with the international brands of overseas countries, which is referred to as customized consignment production or custom branded production. The ordering company is entrusted to the productive manufacturer to manufacture the product required by the company, and the completed product is sold by the customer’s brand.

BKS researches and develops new type of parts through collaboration with manufacturers of construction equipment to meet the customer requirements.

This makes it possible to use rubber and urethane parts that meet the required quality levels and dimensions at a more competitive price.

ODM Service

As the largest integrated manufacturer of diaphragm, urethane damper and packing for hydraulic breakers in Korea, BKS Co., Ltd. prides itself on reputation for providing a flexible and responsive service to meet the requirements of customers.

In addition to our broad range of current products we offer custom designed packing, diaphragm, urethane damper and other rubber parts for hydraulic breakers utilizing in-house mold design facilities and fully experienced engineers.

Please submit your detailed specifications and requirements online today, for a custom order products.

BKS’S OEM / ODM Service Features

  • Excellent price competitiveness
  • Quick response to your customer requirements
  • Fast delivery and easy inventory management

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