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Legal notice


The BKS’s website is an important asset that BKS has monopolistically by inputting all costs, and all its copyrights also belong to BKS. Because all the services, data and information provided in the BKS’s website are only for non-commercial and private uses, it is not allowed to download, revise, distribute or use the services, data and information(hereinafter “information”) provided in the BKS’s website such as characters, figures, voices, videos, download-files, links and source codes for commercial or public purposes in any way.

Legal disclaimer

The BKS’s website doesn’t guarantee the accuracy, reliability and integrity of the services and information in this homepage and other related sites, so we inform you that there may be some errors in the data or expressions provided in the BKS’s website. Therefore, you are advised not to totally rely on this information or data unless we guarantee it in writing. Especially, refrain from using the contents of the BKS’s website directly in transactions such as sales, trade or purchasing related to profits of individuals or businesses. In addition, the BKS’s website doesn’t take any responsibility for any direct, indirect, accessory, special or further losses caused by this information or data in any cases.

BBKS brand stealth prohibition

The BKS brand(firm name, trademark) can be used only by the「BKS affiliates」whose management right is held by BKS or the corporations or individuals whose use right is given by BKS as a rule. At present, the enterprises stealing the BKS brand can be sanctioned according to the ① commercial law, article 23(prohibition of the use of firm names that may confuse the main object), ② trademark law, article 65 (claim for prohibition of right infringement) and ③ illegal competition prevention law, article 4(claim for prohibition of illegal competition actions), and any outside enterprises using the BKS symbol(BKS signature) can be sanctioned, so it is strictly prohibited to steal and abuse the BKS brand online/offline.

Responsibility for links

The BKS’s website can provide links to you according to its own criterion. The linked websites are provided for customer information acquisition and convenience, but any legal responsibilities for the linked sites are not taken by the BKS’s website and any reliability of them are not guaranteed.

Rejection to illegal collection of email addresses

We reject illegal collection of the email addresses posted on the BKS’s website using an email collection program or other technical devices, so we inform you that violating this can be criminally punished according to the information communication network law.

Change of notices

All the users who use the service provided in the BKS’s website after notification of this content will be regarded as agreeing on this content of notice. The BKS’s website has the right and authority to post the reason for changing the specific items and use conditions specified in this notice on the homepage at a proper time interval or change it occasionally without prior notice in a proper way according to the usual practice of the internet industry. Therefore, the users should be aware of the newly changed matters or conditions by checking the specific matters and conditions on the legal notice and use conditions on their own.

The above legal notice is enforced from September 15, 2017. If you have any questions or advice, then contact us at the following address.
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