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Privacy Statement

The BKS Co., Ltd.(hereinafter “the company”) regards your personal information as very important and observes the personal information protection law. This personal information handling policy informs you how your personal information is used and what measures are taken to protect your personal information.

Article 1 Purpose of collecting and using your personal information

The company uses the collected personal information for the following purposes. The collected personal information is not used for other than the following purposes, and when the use purpose is changed, we will take necessary measures such as receiving separate agreement according to the personal information protection law, article 18.

  • Others : Various questions and answers

Article 2 Collected personal information items

The company collects the following personal information for consultations, service requests, etc.

  • Collected items : Firm name, name, phone number, email, access log, access IP information
  • Personal information collection method : Homepage(

Article 3 Personal information possession and use period

The company destroys the corresponding information without delay without exception after achieving the personal information collection and use purpose.

Article 4 Personal information destruction procedure and method

The company destroys the corresponding information without delay after achieving the personal information collection and use purpose as a rule. The destruction procedure and method are as follows.

  • Destruction procedure
    The information you input is moved to a separate DB(a separate cabinet in the case of paper) after achieving its purpose, stored for a certain period according to the reason for information protection via the internal policy and other related laws(see the possession and use period), and then destroyed. The personal information moved to the separate DB is not used for other than the possession purpose unless specified in the laws.
  • Destruction method
    The personal information stored in an electronic file form is deleted using a technical method of making the records non-reproducible. The personal information printed on paper is crushed with a crusher or destroyed via incineration.

Article 5 Provision of personal information

The company provides your personal information as follows to provide higher-quality services to our members.

  • Provision object : Our sales/marketing/customer management department
  • Provided personal information items : Firm name, name, phone number, email
  • Provided information use purpose : Answer to questions about products and services
  • Provided information possession and use period : Destroyed immediately

However, exceptional in the following cases

  • When the users agreed in advance
  • When requested by investigation institutions according to the regulations in the laws or according to the procedure and method designated in the laws for investigation purposes

Article 6 Entrustment of the collected personal information

The company doesn’t entrust your information to third parties without your permission.
If such a necessity happens in the future, then we will inform you of the third parties and the entrusted work contents and receive your permission in advance if necessary.

Article 7 Right of users and legal agents and its enforcement method

You, as users, can withdraw or revise the contents you agreed on about the collection, use and provision of personal information anytime. For withdrawal or revision of your agreement, contact the personal information control manager by letter, phone or email to receive necessary measures such deletion or revision of personal information.

Article 8 Installation, operation and rejection of automated personal information collection devices

We don’t operate personal information collection devices created automatically when using internet services such as cookie, etc.

Article 9 Civil service for personal information

The company assigns the related department and personal information control manager as follows to protect your personal information and deal with complaints related to personal information.
Customer service department : Management support office

  • Customer service manager : Management support director
  • Tel : +82-31-498-7550~1
  • Email :

Article 10 Right/interest infringement relief method

The information object can ask the following institutions for damage relief and consultation on the infringement on personal information. The following institutions are different institutions than the company, so if you are unsatisfied with the results of complaint handling and damage relief on personal information by the company itself or if you need more specific help, then ask them.

  • Korea Internet & Security Agency: Tel +82-118, Homepage
  • Supreme Prosecutors’ Office, cyber crime investigation team: Tel +82-2-3480-2000, Homepage
  • National Police Agency, cyber security bureau : Tel +82-182, Homepage
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