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Roller & Wheel

Product Roller03

Understanding of Hi-Urethane(BK-PT)

  • The Hi-Urethane(BK-PT) is made with a Low Free technology keeping diisocyanate at less than 0.1%(Conventional 5~10%) to have low harm to humans and environments.
  • This has low viscosity and long knockdown time to provide good workability.
  • A more uniform reaction of prepolymer and hardener improves its properties.(Tensile, tear, wear, bonding, heat resistance, etc.)
  • The LF prepolymer is used for the products requiring high loads and dynamics.
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  • Stably usable at severe use environments such as high temperature/low temperature/high load, and extendable period of component replacement due to its excellent wear resistance and oil resistance
  • Continuously usable at high temperature conditions of maximum 135℃ to be suitable for environments causing friction heat(high-speed rotation, high ambient temperature)
  • Shorter fermentation period compared to similar products distributed in the markets, and supply of products at proper times (Ex: Ø500 NDI > 8 weeks, BK-PT > 5 weeks)

Scope of use

  • Suitable for high-speed, high-load AGV/RGV wheels, elevator guide wheel rollers, escalator handrails and guide wheel rollers
  • Used for roller coasters in amusement parks and large wheels for logistics in semiconductor/LCD factories, and applicable to various conditions requiring noise prevention and durability


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