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We are going to become
the best enterprise

in the professional field of rubber
and urethane components for construction
equipment and industry with endless efforts and R&D.


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Since established in 1986, our company has constantly grown into a professional enterprise specializing in the development and production of urethane and synthetic rubber components. Our diaphragms, urethane dampers and cushion rubbers have been certified for excellence in quality by major domestic customers to be loved constantly for a long time.

Especially, the seals for hydraulic breakers having succeeded in localization through long-term researches by our company has been certified for quality according to the use of the best heat-resisting materials in the world and the unique design of shapes to hear an evaluation that our company opened a new horizon of packings for hydraulic breakers from many enterprises.

All our products are strictly designed, produced and controlled to meet the customer requirements, of which especially the urethane dampers and diaphragms for hydraulic breakers holding a overwhelming market share in Korea have been certified for quality, even though there was no particular overseas marketing activity so far, to extend their overseas sales at a fast speed.

It is well known that the global economic environment has rapidly changed recently for years. We are going to agonize together and develop our technical ability so that our domestic and overseas customers can be furnished with more competitiveness without settling down on the past performance.

Moreover, we will try harder to meet a chance of jumping by developing products necessary for new growth industries suitable for the change of the era based on our urethane and synthetic rubber production technology accumulated for the past 30 years.

We will do our best to become a global chemical component maker for construction equipment and industry respected more by our customers and members with endless passion toward the best quality in the world, in the future as well.


From all employees of BKS Co., Ltd.

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